Our Animals

We raise a variety of animals here at the Ho Dad Ranch whom we love and care for. All HDR Animals receive daily attention, which includes watering, feeding, grooming and lots of socialization. This is why HDR Animals are so friendly and approachable. Below are the animals that may travel with us for the mobile petting zoo.



We raise a number of chickens from a variety of breeds here at the Ho Dad Ranch which allows us to bring newly hatched chicks to petting zoo events with advanced notice.


We raise a small colony of rabbits that are so soft you will never put them down.




Ramon is a Nigerian Dwarf goat, born on 6/3/18. He was bottle fed and is always the first for his meal. He is always energetic and ready to play. 



Julio is a Nigerian Dwarf goat, born on 6/10/18.  He was bottle fed and when we found him he was undersized as a kid and now is a handsome healthy young kid.



Mario is a Nigerian Dwarf goat, born on 6/12/18. He is very cute and injured his knee as a young kid. He sometimes walks with a limp but that doesn't stop him from playing and being cuddled.  



Gilberto is a Nigerian Dwarf goat with a small amount of Nubian goat in him. He was born on 6/11/18. He is very quiet and likes giving kisses. 



Alberto is a Nigerian Dwarf goat born on 3/8/18. When we rescued him he was stuck in the mud and he was really sick.  His mom had triplets and he was the runt that she rejected but we nursed him back to health. He was our first bottle fed goat and loves one on one attention and snuggling. 






Pepeek is a Barbados lamb. He was born on 7/4/18. His name is the Czech nick name for Joe. He was bottle fed and is always eager for attention and has a great appetite. 






Marusch is a Barbados lamb born on 6/30/18. Her name is a Czech nick name for Mary. She was bottle fed and is very curious and loves to play and runs and jumps like a deer.



Oliver is our beloved mixed breed canine who was rescued from our local Sacramento shelter. He was born in 2008. Oliver's nick name is Ho Dad which is where the family's business name HDR(Ho Dad Ranch) animals originated.